How to Get Your Body Shape Back After Postpartum with Shapewear


Women going through postpartum recovery face many challenges. If you're a new mother and wish to regain your body shape, this article will help. Shapewears are a popular garment that helps in postpartum recovery. But how can you do this right? 

You will find out in this guide. From tips on how to use shapewear to how to choose them, you will learn everything.

Consult Your Doctor First

It is important for you to ask your doctor before wearing any compression shapewear. They will guide you better, whether to wear it or not. Each body behaves differently, and your doctor can tell when and how to start using it.

Moreover, it allows you to understand the potential risks and ensure you're all ready.

Choose the Right Type of Faja

Since you will find shapewear in different styles and compression levels, you must find the right one. There are some fajas which you can wear if you want gentle compression. Shapellx offer the wide range of faja shaper, catering to different styles and needs.


So, before you choose the faja, you must know your needs and how much compression you want. You can get full-body fajas if you want comprehensive support for different areas.

Start with Light Compression

Start with a faja that offers light to moderate compression. This will help you get used to the sensation and avoid putting too much pressure on your healing body. As you become more comfortable and your body continues to recover, you can move ahead. In this phase, you can even use tummy shapewear that offers light compression.


Wear Your Faja With Consistency

If you want quick recovery, you should use fajas with consistency. You should wear it daily, but start with a few hours and then increase the duration with time. Once you feel more comfortable, you can adjust the timing as you see fit.

You can rest your body at night while wearing it during the day. So, you have to maintain a good balance for good recovery without any discomfort. If you feel pain or irritation with full-body shapewear, you can wear shaper shorts to support your lower area.

Listen to Your Body

It is your body which is recovering. So, you should think about your comfort first. If there is any discomfort or you feel pain while wearing fajas, you should consult. If things are worse than you thought, don't use them.

Transition Out of Shapewear

After some days or months, you will feel that you need less support from shapewear.  Don't do this straight away. Instead, reduce the amount of time you wear it each day, as it will allow your body to adjust. Check your recovery progress and make decisions accordingly.

With these tips, you can use shapewear for postpartum recovery. It's time to start your journey of regaining your body shape.



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